Some of the most important work of the NAACP is done by volunteers on committees

Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee

Invovled in conditions pertaining to veterans be serving as a resource of information and providing assistance when able.

Communication, Press and Publicity Committee

Usually handled by the Branch President, speaks for the NAACP in the community and works with the National Office.

Education Committee

Usually handled by an educator, reviews and protects the rights of all children for equal education.

Freedom Fund Committee

Works to promote and advance the mandatory event, the Annual Freedom Fund Banquet to raise funds for the branch.

Health Committee

Usually handled by a healthcare professional, works to call attention to the many health issues  and disparities impacting the community.

Housing Committee

Make sure of equal opportunities in housing, mortgage lending practices and rental practices.

Labor Committee

Works with Dept of Labor and Employers regarding job complaints


Political Action Committee

Makes sure the branch remains non-partisan and distributes voting material to the public and promotes voter registration and voter education.

Membership Committee

Works to maintain ongoing memberships to the branch.


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