Struck by lightning

1 in 2.3 million.Those are the slim chances voter fraud will occur in a federal election.

There’s a greater chance of being struck by lightning or attacked by a swarm of bees.

But the way proponents of voter suppression legislation talk about the issue, you’d think we were seeing millions of cases of voter fraud a year!

They really hate it when things like facts get in the way of their attempts to strip away the right to vote from millions of Americans. So we’ve created a new video to arm you with the truth.

Help set the record straight. Watch this video about the real dangers of voter suppression legislation, and share it today:

33 states have proposed laws making it harder to vote. That means 23 million Americans will have a much more difficult time voting, and these new laws will hit communities of color the hardest.

And for what? Nothing. Pennsylvania offered exactly zero evidence of voter fraud while defending their new voter suppression law. South Carolina’s Attorney General insists dead people are voting in the state, despite an investigation proving otherwise.

This nonsense has to stop. It was only a few decades ago these communities—our communities—marched through the streets to demand that our constitutional right to vote be recognized. Are we going to stand idly by as nefarious forces once again take it away?

Get the facts about voter suppression from our new video, and text “VOTE” to 62227 to join our mobile list:

Thank you,

Jotaka Eaddy
Senior Director, Voting Rights Initiative

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