Do the Koch Brothers think we’re stupid?


The Koch brothers don’t just want to take away your right to vote. They
want to trick you into believing they are voting rights supporters.

The same oil billionaires who bankroll the Tea Party are now channeling
their vast fortune to limit the right to vote in 38 states and
counting. The NAACP has sounded the alarm against their attacks,
launching to expose them.

Now here’s the amazing part: The Koch brothers have responded with a
bizarre online advertising campaign. Now, when you search for the NAACP
on Google, they’ve paid to have ads pop up directing people to a “Stand
for Liberty” web page — a page that’s a blatant take-off of and actually brags about the Koch’s so-called
commitment to civil liberties.

Do they think we’re stupid? That’s not just inaccurate — it’s offensive.

The NAACP has always risen to protect our nation’s most vulnerable
populations when their rights have been threatened, and we will continue
to do so with your help. We need you to take action now, to ensure that
millions are not disenfranchised next year.


Regardless of what they want you to believe, the facts are clear. The
Koch brothers have a long history of fighting civil rights. For years
they have bankrolled extreme right-wing and anti-government think tanks
and fought affirmative action and other civil rights initiatives.
Recently the PAC that they founded led the political effort to
re-segregate North Carolina schools, and now they have launched their
biggest initiative yet: to roll back voting rights in advance of the
2012 election.

Photo ID as a prerequisite to voting, proof of citizenship before
casting a ballot, radically restrictive rules on registering new voters,
dramatic cuts to early voting and Sunday voting — these are just a few
of the tactics that the Koch Brothers are using to make it harder for
you to vote.

If the Koch brothers have their way, millions of students, the elderly
and working families of all colors will fall victim to arcane voter
suppression laws that this country hasn’t seen in one hundred years.

Throughout  our history, the NAACP has taken on powerful enemies and won.
With your help, we’ll beat back these attacks on our most fundamental
rights. Sign the Stand For Freedom pledge

Join us in the fight, and together we can protect the right to vote for millions of Americans for years to come.


Stefanie Brown
National Field Director and Director of Youth & College Division

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